TZH033 // Baraso – Circens EP incl. Vadim Svoboda, Nicholas Deca

Because we like to release people that we think in the future will leave a strong fingerprint on the music we promote, here we come and present Baraso. With a recent release on our latest VA, our new Spanish family member comes from the streets of Barcelona and presents his deep side. In order to help him put out a strong release,we’ve hired our friend from Make Sense, Vadim Svoboda and our soldier Nicholas Deca, to complete this wonderful EP called ‘Circens EP’.
With a great sound ‘Circens’ starts with an atmospheric groove that grows more and more, keeping you dancing with all the nasty percussions that won’t let you rest. With a smoothy and aggressive voice in the background, Baraso makes this wonderful track a super weapon for your after-hours. But if you are more deep and if you like to explore magical landscapes Vadim Svoboda’s remix really makes you wonder where you are, his groove takes you near all the roots of the growing sound, hitting you with psychedelic percussions made to keep you connected with nature. As we like the raw sound, we go from one to another and we’re surprised by Baraso’s sound again, keeping all the percussions playing for him. The acapella of ‘Handle With Care’ is talking about music, more exactly, about the creation of the music. And to keep our Romanian roots active, Nicholas Deca is delivering what we’ve expected. His lovely remix is great for after-hours or whenever you want to use it; it’s smoothy rhythm will make your shoes move.
With recent releases at Cray1 Digital Workx and Novo Music, Baraso is really starting to make himself heard around our family and this time is supported by Vadim Svoboda, which is known for his collaborations with Welcome To Masomenos label and Nicholas Deca who recently has been representing the Romanian connection to the fullest, with releases at his Retoric Vibe and Coquette Records.

Baraso – Circens EP [TZH033] incl Vadim Svoboda and Nicholas Deca is supported by Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, Gel Abril, Dan Drastic, Masomenos, Felipe Valenzuela, Seb Zito, Chris Carrier, OXIA, M.A.N.D.Y., Miss Jools, Nino Santos, Leon, Carlos Sanchez, Guido Durante, Danilo Vigorito, Matt Star, Maximiljan, Mirco Violi, ONNO, Gui Ferreira, Davide Benedetti, Deltano, Camiel Daamen, Jorge Savoretti, Patrice Meiner, Edgar De Ramon, Roon, Mihai Popoviciu, Horatio, Benoit, Rosario Internullo, Andrea Loche, Seph, Zeitgeist, Jaffa Surfa, Stefano Lotti, Re-UP, benoit/tsugi, Nadja Lind, Daniele Kama, Giorgio Roma, Andrew Technique, Deepshape, Psykoloco, Alex Tepper, John Dimas, Scan Mode and many more.

Feedbacks :

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Danny Tenaglia: thanks!!
Gel Abril: good ep here will play tnx!
Dan Drastic: Like all tracks here.
Masomenos: nice
Felipe Valenzuela: nice ep, originals and vadim svoboda remixfor me! Tzinah is dope!!!
Seb Zito: Nice EP Vadim mix is the one for me.
Chris Carrier: good release
OXIA: Nice, original of ’Handle with care’ and Nicholas Deca remix are the ones for me
M.A.N.D.Y.: will download. thank you for good music!
Miss Jools: Really nice tracks here :) Handle with care remix and circens remix the cuts for me ,,thanks :)
Nino Santos: Originals and Vadim Svoboda Remix !!! Well done guys !!
Leon: i love this way of deeper sound :) i will play it
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): great ep!! thanks
Guido Durante: Nicholas Deca Remix is great!
Danilo Vigorito: nice tracks..thanks!
Matt Star: download for matt star
Maximiljan: Hot EP! Both Mixes of Handle with Care are great! Full support!
Mirco Violi: nice tracks
ONNO: Solid as usual! liking all tracks here!
Gui Ferreira: Great EP, thank you very much!
Davide Benedetti: Great release, I will play all the tracks, Tzinah rocks!
Deltano: Really Dope stuff! thx
Camiel Daamen: Super nice pack Love IT! Circens original and both Handle with care mixes are amazing!
Jorge Savoretti: Handle with care 4 me but good ep overall
Patrice Meiner (Kabuto & Koji): fuckin brilliant remix by vadim…….love it!!!!!
Edgar De Ramon: Really nice work from Baraso, full support, i’llplay thanks ;)
Roon: nice strong release! love it:)my pick is Vadim Svoboda his remix. will play!!
Mihai Popoviciu: good & usefull trax! will try!
Horatio: cool stuff from Baraso
Benoit /tsugi: circens for me
Rosario Internullo: Interesting e.p i will try Circens original thx
Andrea Loche: Super Work !
Seph: Circens original is wonderful. Support!
Richard Belsom (Zeitgeist): Excellent EP, Love Vadim’s mix!
Jaffa Surfa (All Inn Records): cool etheric drums on vadim svoboda remix… thanks!
Stefano Lotti: I’ll try Handle With Care (Original mix). Thank you!
Omar (Re-UP): Originals for me!!! Thanks Tzinah for good music
Leo (Re-UP): Nice EP once again on Tzinah. cool Originals and Nicholas Deca remix, will try them out, thanks
benoit/tsugi: nice ep
Nadja Lind (Lucidflow): Nicholas remix for me. thanks
Daniele Kama: massive music inside,thx!
Giorgio Roma: GREAT PACK!!! Will Play. THXXX!
Andrew Technique: circens (orig) & hwc (nicholas rmx) caught my attention. will try them out for sure ;)
Deepshape: Handle Whit Care (Original mix) Perfect sound for me! ;)
Psykoloco : Nice Ep, like the Vadim Remix ! Will play for sure , thnx
Alex Tepper: Nice release! Look forward to trying out.. Thanks
John Dimas: 4/4 like all tracks !!
Moliner: Great release, loving both original cuts, really hot!!!
Gianluca Gaffi: thanks nice ep
Nicolas Duvoisin: nice job will play for sure!
Sonodab: Cool ep!!! circens original and remix for me :) Thanks.
Scan Mode (Cadenza Lab.Raw Rootz): Nice tracks !
Oshana: great EP! cirens (original) and handle with care (original) are both A+++
Randall m: biggggggg
Olderic: Thanks!
Lars Wickinger (So What Music): Do I hear again, sounds good!
Fernndo Costantini: Nice ep…Remix for me !
Matteo Gatti: will try out in warm up !!
Alexandar Kyosev: vadim svoboda remix is so trippy thanks
Djohnny (Overall Music): nice release!! handle with care is the one for me
P. Jones: LOVE the Vadim Svoboda Remix! Big fan! Totally awesome EP!
DJSOSSA: nice..
Luis Groove (Lowpitch/ U Wanna Escape?): Vadim Svoboda Remix is my fav. here but all the ep is really nice. thanks for the music
JJ Mullor : nice!
Uncle Dog: Very Good Tech
Mon – Pild Records & Basswalk Records: all originals for me, amazing tracks!
Zotist: Good release, all tracks sounds smooth!
Joe Seff / EKLAT: nice one! will try
Alex Caro: Hnadle With Care for me thank’s!
Cabi: Very nice release by Baraso. Enjoying all the versions of Circens.
Janina Schreckling: i really like your music ! checked already by soundcloud iam inn
Lightem: Great release. nicholas deca remix is my fav.
Clio : amazing EP,Handle with Care original and remixes are my fav here ! good job !
Drummer: another great underground ep from Tzinah records….Baraso-circens original mix…great tune !! I love his bassline!!..thankyou very much
Maertz: Nice release, Handle with Care (Original Mix) is my fav. I will play for sure, support!!! Thanks so much for sending.
Eman: Solid!!! Full Support!!
Jesus Pablo (i! Records / Lost My Dog / Supper Sessions): originals for me… will support… :)
DJ Simi: Nice ep! Handle with care original is my fav! thanks
Alfred Azzetto: Nice Ep
Ferro: Vadim Svoboda Remix, lovely!
Heyos: Great EP! Thanks :)
Briosa: Solid! nice one Tzinhah! Full support. Nice… I like : Baraso – Handle With Care (Nicholas Deca Remix)
Angelo Draetta: Deca remix is cool ! nice groove
Isaac Fabregat (Kiara Records): Yeah! nice release of Baraso, Circens is dope!!! Thank :)
Chiqito: BOMB Ep!!! Full Support! Nicholas Deca Remix for me! Thanks the promos!!
Alo & Ritu: Intresting ep. good work. Circens is our fav. thanks
Crocodile Soup: Handle with care Nicholas deca remix is massive!!! Nice Ep!!! Gooo Tzinah family!!!
Blagoj Rambabov: Great package from the EP my favorites Circens (Original Mix) and the Nicholas Deca Remix amazing job!!
Mr.John: what a great ep!full support!good job Tzinah
Baraso: Very happy with this! Thank you Vadim and Nicholas for the awesome remix!
Little Hado: nice ep !! thanks !! my fav is Circens (Vadim Svoboda Remix)
Rhadow: handle with care original mix sounds good. thanks!
Primarie: Super tracks , super producers, how not to promote such a thing ?
Guy From Downstairs: Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!
Adrianho: Nicholas Deca remix for me!
Hozoc: vadmin svoboda for me, awesome remix
Iar: circens (original) is good support
A.Crihan: cool pack, vadim’s mix is great
Narcissa: lovely groove!!
Nexus DJ: both originals are great, thank you !
Holchin: Thnx, great ep!
Luigi Laner: Handle with care and the remix great tracks!!!
Frank Hurman: good ep,vadim remix & nicholas remix for me,thanks
Sebas Ramis: Handle With Care Original its the one for me! Thanks
Nuno Clam: FULL SUPPORT!!!! Perfect for my gigs! thanks
Just D’light: great! :)
Chembass: amaizing tunes! Tzinah Records always have nice stuff. thanks!
Xaman: handle with care ( original mix) it’s for me!! full support !! thanxs!
Fady: Handle with care – original and Nicholas Deca remix for me , sounds very good , thanks
Tony Dee: really nice ep i will try!!!!thx
Manali Shah: Nice ep, will try it.
Madeni: Another Solid Ep! Original tracks are really great… and Nicholas Deca remix is interesting too! Tnx!!!
Hans Tavera: Original Sounds nice!
Susinho (Club Time Radio Show): Handle With Care (Nicholas Deca Remix) is for me!! Full Support!! Thanks!! :))
Savulescu: Nice tracks!
Dj Kelemen: Handle with care is realy groovy,thx 4 promo
Los Pastores (Oblack Label): Original mix for me :) thanks!!
Tomika: originals and Nicholas Deca remix rocks!
Danny Panagiotou: Baraso – Handle With Care (Nicholas Deca Remix) for me! thanks.
Manchini: Cirens original mix good for me!
Rods Novaes: Great EP. the originals and nicholas deca remix for me! thanks!
Wender A.: Circens (Original) and Handle With Care (Nicholas Deca Remix) are really hot!!
Timmy P : Solid EP, like Nicholas’s remix the most I think, but all tracks are ace!
John Denis: Original will do for me! Full support guys!
Isaac Silva: Circens Original mix
Chago Mota: Nice Pack! Loving the Vadim Svoboda remix.
D.Jordan: wow nice job ,one more. good sound¡¡¡ thank x the music…
Andrea Rucci: yeah! good release. I love the Nicholas Deca Remix
Angel Mora: Thanks!..For me.. Handle With Care (Original Mix)
Chris Hirose: Guys, you just always deliver! Thnx
Jbd: Very nice release! great vibes!+
Fulvio Facciolo: Circens original is a bomb!
Chris DB: BOMB EP . Love all the tracks !
A++: handle with care for me !
SPIDER (From Majorkings): Nice tracks. Nicholas Deca Remix for me. Thanks a lot!
Toni Espagne (Pista De Baile FM): Great EP
Deep J: Great EP! Originals for me, support!
Dai Zon: solid ep. full support. my favorites ” handle with care” original and nicholas remix
Stefano D: Nice Ep, Vadim Svoboda Remix its for me :)

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