TZH026 // Little Hado – Bourelma EP Incl. Faster, Psykoloco

After we released our third VA where we presented old and new artists it’s time now to reveal our new family member Little Hado. He signs ‘Bourelma EP’ after having his first vinyl out at Pleasure Zone Records and new releases at SoundCrossing and Derivat Records. For completing this ep we hocked up our family friend Faster and from Paris our new remixer Psykoloco.
Little Hado brings the romanian soul into our collection. ‘Bour’ has a really nice groove and a playfull set of drums and percussions will catch you from the begining till the end. It’s a must to be played and listened on a big sound system for the rhythm to flow as it should. Also in ‘Elma’ all the action starts with a massive bass. It’s a fight between some shakers and a pair of drums ready to explode. Watch out! All the snares from ‘Bour’ are played nice by Faster in his remix. It seems like he had a big and interesting journey with the percussions creating a street atmosphere which reminds us Bucharest underground. Pskyoloco on the other side, sees in ‘Elma’ an very interesting groove that grows more and more ’till the best part the story starts. French flavor of course, we are drown to the vibe and we love it!
Faster is having some nice releases for labels like Bloop Recordings, Broquade and Draft and with this remix he remains in our top artists. And with Psykoloco active at Cadenza, Limonada Rec and Anhura Records it just makes this EP having all the love ingredients that it needs. We love Little Hado’s style as well and ‘Bourelma EP’ is a lovely step forward in our thoughts for romanian artists.

Little Hado – Bourelma EP [TZH026] (Incl. Faster & Psykoloco) is supported by Richie Hawtin, Raresh, Andrew Grant, Livio & Roby, Felipe Valenzuela, Federico Molinari, Mihai Popoviciu, Cesar Merveille, Dorian Paic, Dani Casarano, Carlos Sanchez, Anthea, Mirco Violi, Superlounge, Camiel Daamen, Philipp Ort, David Ferrer, Jorge Savoretti, Alex Picini, Andrea Colina, Julian Perez and many more.


Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Raresh: thanks :)
Nima Gorji: OK::: great package from Little Hado, full suport…!
Andrew Grant: Elma is perfect for me
Livio & Roby: Support!
Felipe Valenzuela: tzinah is getting in its point with this last releases, like them a lot. Well done!! Faster remix and elma original for me, all tracks are cool
Federico Molinari: very nice release
Mihai Popoviciu: good job hado! will try the originals.
Cesar Merveille: Nice release, will try out thanks
Onur Ozer: thanks for the music
Dorian Paic: really like the two original mixes by Hado. Will play for sure ! thx D**
Dani Casarano: excellent support your is my fav track
Marco Effe: Little Hado – Elma (Orginal Mix) Preview2.21 is the one for me! Thanks!
Carlos Sanchez: nice ep! bour original is nice… thanks!
Anthea: Great EP… Romanians ruling right now!! Music!!!!!!!!
Mirco Violi: nice ep
Superlounge: Thx for the music!
Camiel Daamen : Wicked tracks! Bour original and Elma Psykoloco are amazing!
Philipp Ort: Sick package!! Will play originals and Psykoloco Remix. thx
David Ferrer: groovy!!
Jorge Savoretti: Nice release! Faster is my fav
Alex Piccini: Thank you for the music. nice release!!
Andrea Colina: both original mixes for me….thanks
Julian Perez: Amazing!! Bour original and faster remix are my fav!
Federico Luchetti: great ep, will try it out!
Jonny Cruz: great EP and remixes..ace!
Kasper: Faster remix is very nice!
Danielle Nicole: both originals for me, thx!
Nina Soul: Really nice ep I play it !!
Someone Else: originals are nice
Andy Catana: nice ep. my fav is bour. solid work. thx
Seb Zito: Great EP, Really like Little Hado- Bour.
Rods Novaes: ”bour” original mix and ”Elma” Psykoloco Remix for me. thanks!
Jorick Croes: Nice ep! Tnx!
Alex Caro: Downloading! Thank’s for the music!
Varoslav: great rmxs ! wil try them out ! my fav is psykolo:-)
Zotist: Good Ep!
Mr.John: Elma for me..thnx!
Pedro Campos: Great ep full support! will play
Levi Verspeek: love these vibes! thanks!
Sapriori: Faster remix for me. Little Hado is one to watch though; been checking him out for a couple of years now and he is definately moving forward! peace!
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick @ danny chatelain, thn’xxx
Adil Hiani: amazing Music from Hado as always!, really like the Faster remix too, strong package, thanks
Madeni : Bour Original and Elma Psykoloco!! great ep… thnx
Jonathan Sebaoun: CrazyJack supports, review on its way
Blackmambo: Nice Ep !!!
Mon: faster remix is nice, thanks!
Archie Hamilton: Nice – remixes are great, thx
Hippie Torrales: Bour is rockin. Thx
Houmz: downloaded for houmz
Chris Hirose: nice package! i think bour is my fav but i will try’em all out
Luis Bautista: nice!!! download thanks ;)
Blagoj Rambabov: I like Elma also the Faster remix of bour is pretty cool
M.A.M.: Awesome package…. Elma psykoloco remix, dark and great atmospheres for me! Thanks
Tomika: love both version of bour, also love the original of elma, what a wicked track full support on this ep!
Rhadow: good originals. thanks!
Freekey: Bour – Faster remix is very nice, like also elma Psykoloco Remix …original is nice too
Robert Feedmann: Nice tracks! Faster remix is my pick. thanks :)
Luiz Telles: wow.. amazing tracks.. cool
Ferro: Faster Remix for me!
Chembass: very nice ep, Elma is for me! i play for sure, thanks!
Psykoloco: Tzinah Records is burning ! ;)))
Nu Zau: ++++++
Narcissa: Great ep!!Elma (original) !!!!
Primarie: Hippie road stands in front of us! great work guyz!
Guy From Downstairs: Elma Original & Faster’s remix for Bour work for me pretty good ! Well done, fellas !
K-nto: great EP. Thanks
Mano: originals !
Venitez: nice ep ! psykoloco remix 4 me.
Domy: elma original is fucking dope
Timmy P: Bour is BIG. Love the bass.
Adrianho: thx for the music. will try bour – original mix
Isaac Silva: I Like Elma Original Mix,Cool
Arthuro: Nice one Elma and Bour org for me
Paco Wegmann: Originals are great.thx
Mihai.T: great ep
Hozoc: i like all :), really good ep. Thanks
Deep J: ”Bour” is my fave, will support, thanks!
Dai Zon: great ep. psykoloco my favorite

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