TZH025 // VA – Underground House Music 004

As we opened our gates for new artists with every VA that we’ve brought to your ears, this time, VA Underground House Music 004 welcomes Damien K Sahri from Berlin, Alex M from Italy, a romanian young talent Iuly.B and from Brazil Rods Novaes and Wender A. To complete our story we gathered from our family Marcman, Primarie, Francesco Zani, M-Phunk, Adrianho and a nice collaboration between Flex and Floska.
Our fist narrator is Marcman who introduces us into his world of wonders, where a deep feeling embraces you while you drift away. It’s dark smooth rhythm will just prepare you for what’s coming up. ‘Un Amanunt In Gand’ adds a drop of happiness into the groove that’s made just to move you round and round. With a playful style Primarie mixes a couple of nice synths that wakes all your happy thoughts. Our new family member, Damien K Sahri, mirrors his french attitude into ‘The Children Are Learning’. He delivers his message with his deep groove that whenever it breaks, there’s a voice that tells you how and what. You just have to listen. And we are back to old school house beats, back to basics! Whenever you wanna find a classic house groove ‘Old Billy’ is the right answer. Francesco Zani is making more waves as a dj in his country and this is a great representation of his sound. Alex M from Italy has been recognized for releases at labels like Monique Muzique , Not For Us Records, Waldliebe Familien and has been promoted by Pete Tong and broadcasted to all the radios in the electronic world. ‘I Get I Music’ it’s all about gathering of people and about happiness. This track tells us that the party has just started and it will not stop so soon, and all the joyful drums and snares will prepare you for all of it. With gigs around his head, and releases at Underground Lovers Records and True Balance Records,M-Phunk wants to ‘Go Deep’ this time! The nice acapella murmurs something about love and … love, while the deep house groove grows and brings you in a state of mind that you don’t wanna miss. It’s all about house and always will be like that with our little gangster. Another happy guy, another romanian, Adrianho sings again another sweet track. With an electro flavor in the bass ‘For The Masses’ it’s a track that brings the summer in the house. The synths and the pads scream one at each other how happy all this is and how you should be too! Our next welcome is for Iuly.B from Iasi, Romania, this young guy has the nicest releases at Draft records, and for sure he will have more on Tzinah. ‘Suburst’, as deep and as dark it might be, it shows so sweet the direction were we are heading as sound and… where the sun will burst. We have kept for you a nice track which is the result of a collaboration between Flex from Italy and his team mates from Floska. As all about Floska is nice drums and snares, here we threw everything away, kept just the nicest once and we just added the hippie sound of Flex into the groove. The result is great, the result is a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ . The ending of this VA belongs to a duo from Brasil , Rods Novaes and Wender A., who together are the two heads of Not For Us records. All they are saying is ‘Baby Keep Love’. You just have to let yourself be driven by the groove and we all end up in the same place.
At the end of the story we gather all to close the gates that this VA has opened and now concentrate more on our new and old artists. We will go deep into a basic sound, we will go back to the beat and up again into the next EP’s.

VA – Underground House Music 004 [TZH025] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dj Sneak, Andrew Grant, Daniel Sanchez, Felipe Valenzuela, Guti, M.A.N.D.Y., Mihai Popoviciu, Superlounge, Javi Bora, Philipp Ort, Mirco Violi, John Dimas, Hector, Dj Asassin, Anthea, Psykoloco, Jorge Savoretti, Julian Perez, Faster and many others!


Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Dj Sneak: m phunk for me.
Andrew Grant: support….. as always ; ) hugs. a.
Daniel Sanchez: Awesome really like this series! thanx tzinah!
Felipe Valenzuela: 1 ,2, 3, 4,7,8, for me!!; )
Guti: Downloading
M.A.N.D.Y.: will download. thank you for good music!
Mihai Popoviciu: iuly.b for me!
Superlounge: Some nice tracks! Thx
Javi Bora: Good pack! Some good tracks… Support
Philipp Ort: Great release!! Hard to choose a favourite. Will play most of these! thx
Mirco Violi: sunburst and go deep are great
John Dimas: Primarie & Adrianho for me , will play for sure , thnx
Hector: Full support as always !!!!
Dj Asassin: Iuly B Sunburst is the one for me
Anthea: Iuly.B and Marcman.
Camiel Daamen: LIKE!!
Andrea Loche : Full Support for Tzinah Records !! Great work !
Psykoloco: Very nice Ep ! Support it 100% Thnx
Jorge Savoretti: Some great tracks here! Marcman, Primarie, Damien & Adrianho
Alex Santana : nice ep … very good
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): Yet another fantastic release on Tzinah… Big support from me !!
Julian Perez: Another good VA from Tzinah family.. Support!
Faster: Iuly.B – Sunburst for me, thanks !
Danielle Nicole: very cool comp! thx!
Aline Nunez : I love Adriahno – For the Masses ( Original Mix ) Full Support
Joachim: nice package downloading to check all..
Dirty Culture: Francesco Zani for me. thank you.
Djohnny: nice compilation !!!my favortie track is the children are lerning, will play!! thanks for the music
Madeni: Nice VA! suport and thanks!! M.
Luis Groove: Marcman, M-Phunk, Adrianho tracks sound nice. Thanks for the music!
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, full support!!! thn’x
Andrea Colina & Victor Elle: nice : )
Kasper: Very nice compilation! Loving the Marcman track. Thanks a lot.
Boris Horel: nice music ,thank you !
RA: Thanks.
Zotist: Good Compilation, support!
Fady: Iuli B and Flex ! nice tracks !
Levi Verspeek: Marcman for me!
Drummer: very good compilation with quality stuff in it,mention special to ,alex m,primaire,m-phunk etc..thanks so much,I´ll play sure
Klaus: thx for this. damien k sahri – children are learning is interesting track for me
Dr Think: Good release my friends, thanks.
Francis White: alex m support!
Alex Santana : nice ep … very good
Isaac Silva: Flex (Italy), Floska – Bermuda Triangle (Original Mix) Like,nice work
D.Jordan: full support by my friend marcman and tzinah for the music.amazing-J*
Ari Girao: excellent package ; ) Tzinah Records Rocks !! Full Support .
Alex Caro: Great release!!! I get music my favourite! Thank’s for the music
Rods Novaes: great va! thanks!
Hozoc: Nice V.A. ”Pierduta” for me. Thanks
Narcissa: Great sound!!!Full suport guys! ; )
Mr.John: marcman for me..thnx!
Art Patrice: nice as always :)
Claude Solis: congrats, great pack.!
Tomika: Francesco Zani, Flex & Floska are rockssssss!
CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru: Francesco Zani for us, Big up !
Nasty Boy: Marcman – Pierduta it’s perfect for my set.! fantastic deep groove!
Ferro : Will try the tracks. Like sunburst of luly.B!
Sapriori: Iuly.B – Sunburst is my pick
Primarie: Great feeling in this family!
Hado: Nice VA !! Thanks !!
Nicholas Deca: I like all tracks. Support!
Adrianho: great VA … supporting it !
M-Phunk: Full Support spread the love and our music !! cheers!!
Timmy P: Great V.A, Alex M for me, great groove, great beat!
Dopey: Very Nice Pack!
Chris DB: Nice music . Full Support .
Francis White: alex m support!
Noquit: like them all, full support
Kokka: for me primarie is the best thanks
Francesco Zani: Like this VA…
Groovesh: Thank you, great compilation!

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