PsykolocoFRAfter studying Audio Engineer in SAE institute , Psykoloco start to produce a Latin Micro-house productions . His sound is smelling like a mix between his spanish’s vibe & his underground culture.
He played alongside Cabana, Thomas Melchior , Barac , Audio Werner , Sammy Dee , San Proper , Anthea , Lowris , Nicolas Lutz , Dewalta , Masomenos , Dop , and many more …
Inspired by labels like Perlon / Minibar / Telegraph / Playhouse or artists such as Ricardo Villalobos , Cabanne , Herbert and others , he signed on Cadenza , Tzinah , BodyParts and the last Ep on Speshall Edishon .
He plays a mix between minimal & house to his musical selection, so let’s see in real !
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