Nicholas Deca // Tzinah Podcasts // Interview // July 2012 //

Born in Bucharest ’86, Nicholas Deca had his fist impact with music since childhood. Close to his friend Bayt he started in a band of hip-hop and this was his first impact with the underground culture. In 2006 he decides that he can do more and he concentrates himself just on electronic music. He started loving what he did and then he decided to open his own Coquette Records, label which is now supported by top artists. Also part of Essenza Records next to his partner Bayt, Nicholas Deca has made his own style heard at underground parties and also with great releases.

1.So how did all begin for you?
Nicholas Deca: I started doing music more like a game. This has happened in 2000, and the first beats wew Hip-Hop.

2.Where did your name came from?
Nicholas Deca: From my godfather J  Nicholas Deca is my real name.

3.What brought you more close to the house music?
Nicholas Deca: I don’t know if there was something which brought me closer to house music. I listened… I loved it… I started doing plays… And so I started to like it more and more.

4. Did the djing or production came first for you? Tell us about your roots.
Nicholas Deca: The production. I was composing plays and then I was carrying them in different programs… on the beats of rap.

5. What was the first important event that you played at? How did it feel?
Nicholas Deca: My first event was at Casa Poporului (People’s House)… a very good party.

6. Who’s throwing the best parties in your  opinion?
Nicholas Deca: Hmm… hard to say. There are many very powerful events organized by different companies.

7. Which other contries have you played ?
Nicholas Deca: Romania… Romania… and again Romania.

8. What do you think about the music scene in your contry? What is your opinion about european underground music scene , new tallents, old producers, what do you think about romanian artists?
Nicholas Deca: Artists from Romania are very popular in Europe, because they are very talented. Most of the old DJs in the music industry are calling for romanian’s music. So the electronic music scene is growing in Romania.

9. If you could pick one place you would like to play where would it be and why?
Nicholas Deca: Probably Berlin. I like what’s going on there and I think my music can come pretty well there.

10. Do you see yourself being a dj all your life?
Nicholas Deca: If I won’t be on stage all my life, I will withdraw, but behind it. J

11. Out of all tunes you have made , which one you think  ‘never fails’?
Nicholas Deca: “Ego Amare” – will be realease soon at Um Passo Records. I’m sure that it will catch very very well.

12.Which artists inspires you the most ?
Nicholas Deca: There are many, but I try to do something of my own.

13. Are you focusing more on djing or on production right now?
Nicholas Deca: I’m concentrated a lot on production. I love a lot to create.

14.When you’re not working, when the party is over, how do you like to chill out?
Nicholas Deca: I’m either at a beer with my friends , or I’m lazy in bed.

15. What projects are you working on at the moment?
Nicholas Deca: I’m currently working on an album. It will be a combination of electronic music, acoustic instruments and voice.

16. Describe your relationship with our label from your point of view.
Nicholas Deca: Tzinah is a growing label, and even I’m honored to be part of the team. Here I found good DJs and producers, as well as some friends.

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