Our record label has now over 140 artists that we can showcase and do events with, they are all around Europe and not only, we will remind here a few ones: Leon, Hector, Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela, Arado, Nima Gorji, Funk E, Alejandro Vivanco, Psykoloco, Fernando Costantini, Julie Marghilano, Miss Jools, Seb Zito, Jessica Diaz, Ferro, Ilario Liburni, Archie Hamilton, Patrice Meiner, Javier Carballo, Julian Perez, Hermanez, Deaf Pillow, Maki Polne, U-More, Arapu, Dubsons, Faster, Vid aka Egal 3, Little Hado, Marcman, Posh111, Guy From Downstairs, U-More, Nina Soul, Baraso, Vadim Svoboda, Jamie Lie A Kwie, He Did, Jozhy K, Libe, Maki Polne, Deaf Pillow, Cosmjn, Cally, Derek, Alex Rusu, Mihai Pol, Anamorph etc. Until now we had showcases in Berlin, London, Austria, Holland, France and, of course, Romania.

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